Innovative technologies in skin care are being developed at a rapid rate as manufacturers race to become major players in the ever growing multi-billion dollar a year cosmetic industry.  This competitive market is great for us as consumers, because it guarantees that every effort is being made to research and develop the most advanced, cutting-edge skin care products imaginable.

Many of these recent advancements are geared toward providing substances that have been proven to help our skin function as optimally as it did when it was younger.  Young skin does not wrinkle or sag because it has the ability to repair itself efficiently.  Today’s innovative technologies in skin care are intended to encourage aging skin to do the same.

Below are some of the most innovative technologies in skin care to date.  This list will continue to grow as I become more aware of more advancements in skin care research.

Photo Rejuvenation

Ionic Therapy

Ultrasonic Therapy

DNA Repair

Stem Cell Technology

Growth Factors

Microcurrent Therapy

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion