Ionic therapy can play a major role in your anti-aging skin care regimen in that it can affect the efficacy of your skin care renewing products.  As discussed in Skin Anatomy, the surface layer of the epidermis is comprised of a strong layer of dead skin cells that is meant to protect the body from unfavorable external stressors.  This can be a bad thing when we want to nourish and moisturize our skin because this protective layer prevents the penetration of biologically active ingredients aimed at performing those functions.

Iontaphoresis is a uniquely effective process by which the skin’s natural barrier can be overcome thereby allowing anti-aging ingredients to penetrate the skin and perform their “magic”.  Through this method, a flow of charged particles, called ions, which are directed by an electrically charged field, delivers the biologically active substances deeply into the skin where they can work effectively to change skin cells on a molecular level.

A number of ionic therapy products are now available for home use at a price comparable to one salon visit for such a treatment.