A key component to looking younger, is choosing the proper makeup for aging skin and knowing how to apply it correctly.  All too often, mature women attempt to hide behind their makeup rather than use it to enhance their natural beauty.  Products and techniques that worked for you in your 20s and 30s probably do not work for you now.  Below are a variety of makeup tips for mature skin that will help you achieve a more youthful look.

As we age, less is more when addressing makeup and more is better when addressing skin care.  Makeup will not hide wrinkles.  In fact, caked on makeup will only accentuate them.  Only good skin care will minimize lines and creases.  Diligently following a good, basic skin care routine will alleviate the need for heavy makeup to conceal the imperfections that accompany aging.  Caring for your skin properly will result in smoother, more youthful looking skin that will give your makeup a more natural look. 


Before applying makeup, use of a moisturizer and allow it a few minutes to be absorbed by the skin.  Blot any excess.  Moisturizing first allows for a more even makeup application.


Apply a foundation that is as close a match to your skin tone as possible.  Foundation that is too dark has an aging effect.  Choosing one that is too light will emphasize lines and wrinkles.  I prefer mineral makeup for aging skin to any other kind because it offers instant age-defying gratification.  The minerals have light reflective properties that cause light to bounce off the face and create a youthful glow.  Powders are generally not recommended for older skin because of their tendency to settle into the wrinkles, thereby accentuating them.  Mineral makeup is different because the minerals bind to the skin rather than sink into it.  Hence, it never looks cakey.  Traditional powdered makeups contain talc, an ingredient that is known for settling into facial lines.  Mineral makeup does not contain talc, preservatives, chemical dyes, fillers, perfumes, or oils.  It is said to be so pure that you can actually sleep in it.  More information on Mineral Makeup.  If you prefer to use a liquid foundation, always apply it using a brush.  This will give your complexion an even and streak-free appearance.  And remember, less is more.


Always apply your concealer after your foundation. Concealer is meant only for those problem areas that were not adequately covered by your foundation such as age spots, blemishes, and under-eye circles. Your concealer should be slightly lighter than your foundation.  I emphasize the word slightly, for if it is too light, it will only accentuate that which you are trying to hide.  As we age, our skin becomes thinner, particularly around the eyes, leading to appearance of dark areas.  Consequently, concealer should be used to brighten and lighten the eye area.  Apply it to the inner corner of the eye next to the nose and under the inner corner.  Also apply some at the outside corner of the eye and blend well.  Doing so will make your eyes look alive and rested.


Blush is meant for giving you a natural rosy glow, not for changing your skin tone.  As a result, it should be used sparingly, and only on those areas where you would naturally have color if you were indeed blushing.  Using too much blush will make you look dated, as will a color of blush that is too dark.  Choose a blush that is peach, coral, or soft bronze in color and apply it high on the apples of the cheeks.
This will give the face a lifted look.  Lightly apply a little bit of blush to you forehead and chin, as these are areas of the face on which the sun would naturally produce some color.  Makeup for aging skin should not look like makeup.  


Emphasizing the upper part of the eye is the key to giving them a lifted appearance. 
Using the wrong eye shadow can make you look older.  One that is glittery or too pale will emphasize lines and wrinkles.  Therefore, you want to choose shadows that are matte and in an earthy color that will enhance you eyes.  Apply shadow lightly to your lids being careful not to extend it downward as you approach the outside corner of the eye as this will visually age the eye area.  Instead, sweep the shadow up at the outside corner of the eye to give a lifted appearance.  Never extend your eye shadow beyond the edge of the eye area, either up or down, as this tends to lower rather than lift the look of the eye.  If your eyelids droop, I recommend foregoing shadow and using a colored eyeliner, instead.  This will help to hide rather than accentuate the droopiness.


Once again, you want to emphasize the upper part of the eye, so you never want to line your lower lid.  The main purpose for using eyeliner as we mature is to make our eyelashes appear thicker.  Consequently, you want to apply the liner as close to the upper lash line as possible and extend it out, not down, as you reach the outer corner of the eye.  Always smudge your liner a bit to alleviate any harshness that can age the eyes.  The idea is for the eyes to look soft and natural not harsh and dated.


Brow defining is the most important thing you can do to freshen the face.  The eyebrows frame the eyes and a nice arch to them can give you the look of a facelift.  The inner eyebrow should begin in line with the inside corner of the eye and extend upward to the arch.  The peak of the arch should line up with the outer side of the iris (the colored part of the eye).  The brow then extends downward and should end in line with the corner of the nose and the outer corner of the eye.  Keeping the brows natural looking is important.  You do not want them to appear as if they have been drawn on your face.  Use a pencil in a soft brown, taupe, or gray to fill in any bare spots using feathery strokes.  Then, use a brush on brow powder over the entire brow, accentuating the arch to give the eye a lift.  Finish with a clear brow wax to keep them in place.


In order to give the eyes a lifted look, mascara should be used on the top lashes only.  This will make your eyes look alive and more youthful.  Choose natural colors and avoid black as it has a tendency to look harsh and age the eye.  Curl your lashes and always apply your mascara more heavily on the outer corner lashes to give the eyes a more lifted look.


If you have trouble with your lipstick bleeding into the fine lines around your lips, you will want to use a lip liner before applying your lipstick.  The liner should not form a ring around your lips.  Instead, it should be the same color as your lipstick or just a tad bit darker.  A neutral colored lip pencil that works well with all lipstick shades is your best bet.  As for your lipstick, go lighter.  Neutral, earthy colors look fresher and more natural.  Do not use heavy, pigmented lipsticks as they will settle in the fine lines of the lips and can age you.  Lightly pigmented lip glosses will look more natural and will give you a more youthful appearance.  When applying your lipstick, be careful not to accentuate the lower corners of the mouth.  Again, your aim is to lift the look of your face.

Lastly, makeup for aging skin should be simple.  Use only as much as is needed to enhance your natural beauty.  Remember, less is more!  Looking and feeling younger is not about hiding behind a cakey mask of harsh makeup.  It is about appearing fresh, dewy, natural, and alive.