Ultrasonic therapy for the skin employs the use of a machine that emits high frequency sound waves to clean, repair, and stimulate the skin.  Such treatments benefit a variety of skin ypes and can improve many common skin conditions.

Sound waves are mechanical pressure waves that are descried in terms of their frequency, or cycles/second.  The unit of measure for sound frequency is the hertz (hz).  Audible sound has a frequency range of 50 - 20,000 hertz.  Ultrasound waves have frequencies greater than 20,000 hertz.  The depth to which sound waves penetrate is inversely proportional to their frequency.  Therefore, low frequency sound waves penetrate tissues more deeply than high frequency sound waves.   For example, one Mhz (million hertz) has a depth of penetration of  3 - 5 centimeters.  Two Mhz has a penetration depth of 15 millimeters and 3Mhz penetrates even less.

The high frequency sound waves delivered through skin treatments work to:

1.  Exfoliate dead skin cells.

2.  Decongest the pores by loosening and removing oil, dirt, and sebum.

3.  Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

4.  Stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

5.  Promote hydration.

6.  Facilitate deeper skin penetration of skin care products.

Ultrasonic devices are now available for home use.